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Sunday, 4 July 2010


So i posted the video, but with no realy information as to how the even went.

A really steep, loose, dust, and wild track, deffiantly appreciated by the riders.

Standing at the top gave an impressive view over the llangollen valley and into the town bellow. but also down to the pits and the finish, something you don't get much. You could hear the commentators all the way up the hill ( don't know if thats good or bad) and 90% of the track could be seen from the finish area!
It felt like you could jump at the top, and you would make it into the finish line.

Tom Puxley developed these new cranks for increased corner rail abilitys!

The most technical section, with lots of gnarly line choices. and lots of crash's

Pretty much the the whole track is very open, and surrounded by ferns!

Unknown Rider towards the bottom section of the track

Scott Mears

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