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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Filming with Bernard

Went filming with Bernard Kerr today.. went pretty well, battrey ended up running out..so i took a few photos:

Drift and Roost

Foot Out

Going back to re shoot this trail in the next few weeks!

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Webisode 2

Will be out on the 1st of Feb.. Its pretty much all done, and im filming with world cup Downhiller and 4X rider Bernard Kerr for webisode 3 tommorw!
It will be avalible on:
www.rip.tv, www.mpora.com, www.pinkbike.com and www.vimeo.com
A post will be us here as soon as its done!

First Publish

I was so excited as i ran into sainsburys, picked up MBUK's January editon, flicked to the dirt section to find four glossy photos.. All by me, I didnt get my name put down, and i didnt get paid till a month later..but im really pleased with myself for getting something published!
Check it out:
First Magazine Publish

Page 171 of Jan MBUK


Although i take alot of photos, ive started to become more and more intrested in videos and videography, After making loads of small 1-2 minute long videos i decided to get more into it and put a few of them together to make a short episode.
So now im making a monthly webisode, Out on the first day of every month.
The first one is out..check it out.. allready featured on Rip.tv, Mpora.com and a short article about it on Dirt Mags Website:

Tom Grundy Webisode One >>

Havnt been on

I havnt been on this blog for a while, but now i think im going to keep it more updated!

Here are a load of photos since ive been gone!

The Tunnel
Sam Reynolds at the tunnel

Ram Flip
Ryan at 4A

Freezing Cold Flip
Sam at 4A

Fergs Rule of thirds
Ferg at 4A

Whip from no where
Sam at 4A

Come and Go
Charlie Collins at Aston Hill

Follow the Leader
Train at Aston hill

Sam at Kechs

Sam Ren at Wisley Jam

Get In!
Mike Smith Wisley Jam

Dh on a DJ
Tim at Secret trails

From the Darkness
Jamie Hoare at Secret Trails

Quite alot in a short space of time!

Although it was a long time ago
Merry christmas and a happy new year!

Shot Gun Video

The shot gun video has now recived more than 11000 views..which im pretty stoaked about!

view it here: