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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Snow Days

Its rarley snows where i live in the UK.
So you have to make the most of it:



Icy Roads




Dammit!, originally uploaded by Tom Grundy Photo.

I love shooting on film, I wish i had the money to do it more often.
This is one that came out a bit dodgy, Sam Reynolds, Indian Air at Yeovil Trails


Scrub, originally uploaded by Tom Grundy Photo.

Recently i did a shoot with Bernard Kerr for his new website.
The shots are looking good. this was one of my favorite, that he didnt want!

Afan Forest

A few of my mates where heading down Afan to do a bit of XC.
I hate XC. but i went along.

Train the Wall

Train the Wall

Port Talbot, Sunset. Horrible place..lovely sunset!

The forest

Saturday, 19 December 2009


Simon Parsons, originally uploaded by Tom Grundy Photo.

Simon Parsons..

Allround good guy.. Hitting the rogate road gap, on a xc bike..

As you do.


Sky looms over Filton, originally uploaded by Tom Grundy Photo.

This is what i see, when im washing up..

Although thanks to the stupid Uni windows...i have to squat right down!


After Trail building, originally uploaded by Tom Grundy Photo.

Got a bit of trail building done on our new track.
This is what wales looks like.


Sam at the compound, originally uploaded by Tom Grundy Photo.

I was just going through some old photos, and i found this one..

I think its grown on me

Sam Reynolds 360 Table at the fairclough compound!

Portsmouth Secret Tracks

I headed down towards Portsmouth to ride and photo portsmouths uni's secret downhill tracks.

We got there mid morning and it was very very wet and muddy, i didnt really take any photos but did some filming with DH nipper Jamie Hoare. Who has really imporved since spending a season in France. That edited will be part of a short film out late.. in the mean time, here are some photos!

Mud after the first run..
This muddy after just the first run!

jamie Hoare
Jamie Hoare

Lunch time seating
Lunch time seating!

New Bike
A nice new bike..

Cool light
Looks like film

new bike

Jack Noy
A muddy berm

Some sheep!