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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Olly gets low

Went out for a ride with Olly Burton, Harry Molloy and Max Lenthall.. took a few photos along the way.

A shot of Olly Burton getting pretty low on one of the Rogate berms:

Ollie Getting Low

View it in large

Monday, 18 January 2010

JAG 35 Vs SX Trail

So the Jag 35 came...and obviously it had to be tested!

JAG 35

I ordered a 35mm adaptor over a month ago, and its finaly just arrived.

Looking really good, nice results on the camera, and not toooo bad in low light. Expect to see it being used in some up and coming films.

Jag 35

50mm Jag 35 Sony Sr 10

35mm adaptor set up

Got it from here

Friday, 15 January 2010

Secret Hardtails

I headed to Max Lenthall's house last night and stayed over to get an early start.

Max, Harry Molloy, Ross and I headed out and met up with steve at our super secret location.

we went to ride some short and sweet, but super fun mulchy rutty tracks i did a bit of filming, got to ride my new bike and took a few shots.

Super dark woods + High Iso = Grainy shots:


Manualing into the trail

Push up
Pushing up

Drop in

low low low
Get yourrr knuckle dawwwwnn

Pretty rubbishy shots, no flash's used..hopefully the filming was better!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

New bike

Really really pleased. New bars, Headset and seat came through today, and i buit it all up strait away

Im sad to see the bottlerocket go, but really really pleased with this!

New Bike

New Bike

New bike

New Bike

Spec List

Sx Trail 2 08 Medium Frame
Fox 36 R
Fox DHX 5
Mavic 321 front 721 rear
Hope bulb hubs
Hope Mono M4's
Sram X9
Saint Cranks
Blackspire C4 Chain guide and bashring
Thomspn Elite Seatpost
Funn Skinny Saddle
ODI Grips
Funn Fatboy Bars (750)- To be cut down slightly
Thuvativ Husselfelt stem
Maxxis High Roller Tyres

Next thing is to ride it!...Thats tommorws job!

Ryan Nangle 360 tabley thing

Ryan Nangle, originally uploaded by Tom Grundy Photo.

Filming with Ryan in the Snow
didnt get too much footage, was a pretty cold day. deffinatly getting some more at a later date!

A Trip Round the Garden

A 10 minute trip round the garden....This is what my camera saw:

Snow Days

Spot the birdy
Spot the Birdy

Snow Days
Sunset and a bird flying past

Snow Days

Snow Days

Snow Days

Snow Days

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Working with Red Bull

I headed of to Weston Beach Race to film for Red Bull Reporter.

"Tom Grundy joined the Red Bull Reporter team at Weston Beach Race in Somerset, where he caught on camera all the action from the largest off-road motorcycle event in the UK. Check out Tom’s report to soak up the atmosphere from the event and see the riders battle it out for the title in the Kids 65cc Race and the Adult Quad and Side-Car Race."

 Two photos I took whilst i was there:
Youth Riders
Taken whilst standing on top of a MASSIVE Red Bull truck!

2 riders and a Gull
Two Quads and a Gull

And the Video.

Well the Red Bull Embed Code dosent work so!

Go here to see it on the Red Bull Site!

Thursday, 7 January 2010


It was all good at first, but not its just getting silly!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

A very Late Webisode.

This is Webisode 9, Film around the end of summer.
I had done all the editing for it, and it was just sitting on my computer, so instead of it never coming out, i decided to just throw it out there anyway!

It Features Charlie Collins riding some of his local tracks. And the final round of the KOD.

Tom Grundy Webisode 9

Charlie Collins Cools down and gets low in a rut                                                        

Josh Slater Styleing it out, and Clinton Jones with a classic tailwhip

Monday, 4 January 2010

British Downhill Series 2010 Promo Video

Check out the 2010 Promo Video for the British Downhill Series, All the video footage used is by me.
Im quite pleased

Filming with Jev

Last minute filming session with Jev Williams at his local track.

only 14, and pretty quick. probebly set to do quite well in the coming seasons races!
I shot these photos just whilst i was doing still non moving shots, so i could set up the camera, press record and then get out the still camera:


Dropping in to the rooty section

Flat corners

Flat Corners


Squid looking factory


Headed down to chicksands to get some filming done whilst there was a big session on that day!

The video turned out pretty good, although i hate taking photos there.
I shot these at the very end of the day, after i stoped filming. it was getting dark, so there shot at ISO 1600. the very max the little D70 can reach!


Oscar Golding, getting alot better since i last saw him

Whip at Chicky

Unknown rider just kicking out the back end..

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Get Lowww

Get Lowww, originally uploaded by Tom Grundy Photo.

I headed over to Rogate today, mainly to get some riding in, as i rarely seem to get to ride!. It was good to finaly be able too!

Took this shot on the top of the hill as the sun was begging to go.

Sam Boardman, getting quite low!

Expect more tommorw im heading to chicksands to do some filming!

Friday, 1 January 2010

Samson Brothers..And James

After a late night on new years, and pleaty of Cider and Fireworks, I headed somewhere to a secret location to film with the Samson brothers and James Ioannou at there new jump called famous.

The footage will eventuall be used in my new short film!

Was a pretty cool session. although they wernt feeling it, so deffinatly going to go back and get some more stuff done!

I snapped a few shots as the day went on:

Yea..there now dwarfs..it really is that big!

Burm ingham
This Burm is probebly in Burm ingham

Tuck No
Tuck no by Ray

Blake thinks about tricks..


Push up
Ray sports his brand new, 80's style DMR jumper!


This is the sort of start of what is going to be a full on new film project!

I just filmed 3 friends to see what they got up to in autumn, It just happened to be the time when it was super wet and muddy!

The Next flim is hopefully going to be alot longer, and more professional. I am deffinatly going to spend more time on it!
So look foward to that.
In the mean time:



 I headed down to Essex Moto track...In Essex with Bernard Kerr, Boris Kerr, Brendan Fairclough and Joe.

Never really shot moto before, so it was a good experiance!




Way more on my Flickr!

A video of the day, i quickly threw this together the everning after!


Snow Days

Like i said, snow is a rarety in my part of the uk.
So when it does snow, you have to make the most of it!



Snowww biking