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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Olly Wilkins

At kechs Trails on a summer afternoon, Olly wilkins with a nicely dumped 3

360 the Last

Monday, 11 May 2009



Bluebells...The border is corrigated iron

Jimmy in the Tree's

Jimmy in the Tree's at Wisley

In the tree's

Saturday, 9 May 2009

MTB Cribs

A New Mini Series From me, Looking at Mountainbikers Cribs..

Mtb Cribs

Check out the first Episode here:



King of Dirt

A short video i threw together of King of Dirt


Tuesday, 5 May 2009

NS Bikes Website

I got three photos of Mike Smith on the NS bikes website!
Its a pretty Cool Site so go and check it out!


NS Bikes Site


The King of Dirt.

Just got back, so tired, but it was so so fun!

The even was dominated by Sam Reynolds in every way.

4X - Sam Reynolds
Elite KOD - Sam Reynolds
Slopestyle - Sam Reynolds!

He did a run, which has never been done in mountainbikeing...in the space of three jumps we saw a frontflip and a 720

Heres a shot of Ryan Nangle of Ram/Huckmonkey.com doing a crazy fork flip..he is taking off the right take off, thats how big the cork flip is!

King of Dirt

CC Ollins

Went to rogate for another everning session with Charlie Collins.
He is Flat out!




XC at night

I was really bored, and havnt ridden any sort of bike since my forks have been broken, so i decided to get out the xc bike, fitten the lights and went for a ride!

Its actually pretty fun..

Night Time XC

The Noy

Went out with jack for a little afternoon ride, shot a few photos of the Rogate Road Gap back in action:

Push up
Pushing up

Road Gap
First hit


So, there was no webisode this month! Ive been bogged down with college work and didnt have time to do enough filming to make it work.
Instead...you can watch this, its a short video of the footage i did managed to get..

What goes on in April, Dirt Jumping, Single Track and Downhill...The Ultimate Month?

April from Tom Grundy on Vimeo.