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Saturday, 15 May 2010

27 hours

I've been up for 27 hours straight.. Now 27 and a half.

In the time i have:
Taken an exam
spent 6 hours in the library revising
watched Anthill's new film "follow me" (disapointing)
and Been out on a ride at 5am

we went out as the light started coming out, to shoot some shots of a rising sun.
The sun didn't rise as epicly as we had expected, but we still managed to get some quite nice stuff!

Alex hits the Berm

Just some plants
Just some plants

First Light
Waiting to drop in, as the first light hits the ground

Hitting the Compression

Stop Press

An actually shot of me riding. and the shot is really good, especially considering Alex has little to no camera experience. i set it up and said..stand here, don't move and press that button!
It's all in the eyes.


Now to sleep. Its 11.32 in the morning, and im so so tired!

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