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Friday, 1 January 2010

Samson Brothers..And James

After a late night on new years, and pleaty of Cider and Fireworks, I headed somewhere to a secret location to film with the Samson brothers and James Ioannou at there new jump called famous.

The footage will eventuall be used in my new short film!

Was a pretty cool session. although they wernt feeling it, so deffinatly going to go back and get some more stuff done!

I snapped a few shots as the day went on:

Yea..there now dwarfs..it really is that big!

Burm ingham
This Burm is probebly in Burm ingham

Tuck No
Tuck no by Ray

Blake thinks about tricks..


Push up
Ray sports his brand new, 80's style DMR jumper!

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