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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Red Bull

Working for red bull reporter is hard but really fun

I went to the Weston Beach Race to cover what went on and make a short film for Red Bull. On the main event on sunday the weather was terrible, the vision and bad organisation led to a huge pile up on the first straight, Seven riders injured, multiple ambulances and a air ambulance. Ty Kellit (16) is still in hospital, but making a steady recovery. Get well soon

So i was left having to make a video with only footage from saturday, As this wasnt first planned i shot all saturday in mind that not much of the footage would need to be used. So i didnt have much footage, and not much of this was good.

Anyway, heres what i threw together:


Whilst i was there, i took a few photos:

Youth Riders
Kids 95cc

2 riders and a Gull
Quads on the Beach

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