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Sunday, 5 July 2009

Whistler Arrival

A 9 hour flight of bad food and 20 annoying Spanish girls who couldent get enough of rory's beautiful face...

Simon on the plane

We eventually arrived in sunny Vancouver, a completely different city to anything in the UK, Busy Bustling and loomed over by tall snow capped mountains.

We began Our journey in a 2.5 litre V8 beast of a Truck/Van with Pete from Bear Back Biking throught the conjested grid roads of vancover.

Eventually we arrive on the shore road leading from Vancover straight up to Whistler through squirmish.


The Road was amazing, Tall Mountains on the right and the Sea/Lakes on the other, filled with huge islands that grew out of the sea. I was so tired, but had to keep my eyes open to try and see the amazing views.


Eventually, after about 2 hours, we arrive at our Challet, a tall 3 story building with various balconys, a hot tub, a huge garage and just 50m from whistlers largest lake!

We quickly unloaded our bikes, and started to build them up, before falling into bed, after a very long and very jetlaged day.

We woke at 6 in the morning, the jetlag messing with our minds, 2 hours of stoak up music ensued ready for the trails ahead. We Ran up to breakfast at 8 and stuffed bacon and cheese down our throats before heading to the trails.

The Trails where amazing, super smooth, not many breaking bumps and lots of features, jumps, gaps berms drops.

Hopefully some riding photos/videos to come...


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Chris said...

Cool stuff. Didnt know you were going out so soon but its great to hear about it. Hope you have a sick time and I look forward to next instalment.
Chris Charman